Secondlife Syndicate April Fool’s Hunt

Inner Demons is excited to participate in Secondlife Syndicate’s April Fool’s Hunt happening April 1st – April 14th.

This fun hunt has 13 stores participating and has a super fun twist to it. Here are the details:

This is a unique hunt that is done in a classic Treasure Hunt style involving clues that lead to prizes.

▬ Each store will have 2 Treasure paths to follow. 

  1. A traditional prize path that will be for normal prizes.
  2. A Fool’s path, with prizes that are funny, gross, jokes, etc..

▬ Each path will have anywhere from 2-10 clues each.

  • If a path has more than 5 clues, there will be at least one extra mini prize to find in it.

I really hope you will enjoy the gifts that I’ve created for either paths and that you will enjoy searching for the gifts! Here are both the gifts you will be hunting for:

Be sure to check Secondlife Syndicate’s website for all the gifts on participating designers and stop by the mainstore of course to hunt for your gifts! You will need to grab the how to play pack which you will find directly under the vendor picture in the events section as you walk in on your right. Inside the pack, you will find a book that you will need to wear (ADD) in order to click on the big books that are just next to it. Both those books have clues that will start you along either paths to either gift 🙂 Keep in mind I didn’t make this too easy nor too hard.

Happy Hunting everyone!




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