June Monthly Midnight Madness

Exceptionally this round, you will be able to get your hands on the JUNE gifts at the Pink Cream Pie mainstore due to the last minute unplanned moving of the store, I wasn’t certain of being able to turn things around so quickly, so, since I was all set up, ya’ll get to go say hi to my dear friend Vaygah and her awesome creations over at PCP! If you do not know her products, this is the perfect opportunity. She has one of the funnest groups in Second Life and makes the CUTEST unicorn stuffs too! The round starts tonight 6/7/2019 at 11:59:59pm SLT.

You will be able to get some real cute stuff, a snakeskin leather collar with neon to match those awesome kitty accessories from last month (also cute gems as well) aaaaaaaaand you will find an amazing additional hud that can be purchased as well. Its filled with alot of textures and a star headdress! It has been a while since i released a headdress this one is a bit more delicate yet so cute too and comes with an awesome hud as well! Really hope you like the items!

Here’s the LM exceptionally for this month…. Don’t forget to show Vaygah some of that love!


Oh and before i forget the complexity for the event boards has been set to 25K now so please grab the survival packs in the different groups in order to get the full body alpha to make your shopping experience the easiest and painless as possible.

Check out the website for MMM here for more information


Enjoy the spoils ♥ Cala xo

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