New @ La Vie En Pose

A new event hits the grid today, La Vie En Pose. An event catering to everything photography, backdrops, poses and more. I am honored to be a sponsor at the event and have created a few items for the occasion which I hope you guys will enjoy.

Both the Neon Living and Neon Squares are offered at 25% off for the duration of the event and the Cement Block Backdrop is a group gift for La Vie En Pose group. (everyone is offering gifts so be sure to get in the group!!)

You will find them rezzed at the booth location and also at the demo platform so you can see them in full size. I really hope you enjoy these items and be sure to check everyone’s awesome creations because there is some really AWESOME stuff over there!!!

Don’t forget, if you take pictures with Inner Demon items, we’d love to see them on our flickr group pool

Happy shopping you beautiful people ♥

Cala xo

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