Engine Room is finally here!

Get your wallets ready because ENGINE ROOM is HEREEEEEEE!! The Long awaited SLS event Engine room is opening its doors September 20th and boy oh boy AM I EVER EXCITED!!! The list of designers for this event is out of this world sexy! The talent there is just… incredible!! And well Catacomb is absolutely honored to be a part of that list for sure!!

We worked HARD on this project and really hope you guys will love it as much as we do. This unique skybox/home/loft is just awesome. Its one room however, has a second floor and a division wall downstairs for some privacy/smaller rooms and some special detailing like the sliding vault door both inside and out and the gold detailing inside… So classy yet it fits so well with the grungy feel of the build.

So make sure you come check out this amazing event because the goodies there, holy god, they are brilliant!!! Here is the landmark. Keep in mind it doesn’t open until tomorrow.


We truly hope you enjoy our first architectural build!

Cala xox

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