Kicking off 2020 at TLC

Its time to start off 2020 at Inner Demons and we are doing that at The Liaison Collaborative with the Everything Piggies Gacha.

There are 30 items in all to collect and only 35L per play so be sure to go try your luck. The stools and chairs are animated and the ultrarares are holdables that if you touch them, they squeal (super funny im warning you, they are hilarious!!) I even put a demo of the holdables out that you can go try them out at the event. I have also rezzed the furniture pieces at the event so you can see the quality of the items (the animations have been removed in order to reduce the lag but they are beautifully animated with bento scenes for both men and women inside the chairs and regular sit poses in the stools)

I hope you enjoy this release as much as I had fun creating it! You can get to the event by tping with the link below (it opens Jan 3rd and runs through to Jan 26th)

You can also check out more details about the event by looking at their website here:

Happy shopping and I wish you all a fantastic and prosperous New Year!




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