Forbidden Fridays is finally here!

Forbidden Fridays is hitting the grid tonight at 11:59PM SLT The new ADULT only content weekly sale is finally here! You will find items priced at 69L or less every Friday. For the inaugural round I have created the Little Fucking Pervert Backdrop available for only 69L.

Be sure to stop by and grab the backdrop and while you are it, make sure to jump in the group so you can be the first to get the shopping HUD to see who’s offering what! Ive also put out a group gift for Forbidden Fridays group too ♥ And if you are running low on group space, we also have a subscriber available too! The HUD will be sent out between 6pm-11pm SLT every Thursday evenings in our group & subscriber along with designers sending it in theirs whenever its good for them.

I truly hope you will enjoy your shopping experience and that you will join us every week!

Be sure to join us in world, and follow us on our different social media as well!

You will find the official Forbidden Fridays page right here on this website either by looking at the top of the website and finding the Forbidden Fridays section, or just get there by clicking this link:

You will also find us on facebook:

Our avatlife page:

Our flickr group:

Our inworld group: (copy this link in local) secondlife:///app/group/2449d432-d409-09b8-4ed4-0ef216ed52a8/about

Our inworld HUB:

Happy shopping everyone!


Cala xo

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