Home & Garden Expo 2020

The Home & Garden Expo is well underway. Inner Demons is honored to be on the HILTED Sponsored Sim along with HILTED, Astara and Catacomb stores, and these are my 50% donation item exclusive new releases available at the event.
50% of the proceeds are donated to Relay for Life research for cancer. Both my SL parents passed away from cancer + my RL mom and sister along with other family members are also cancer survivors. Needless to say, this event means alot to me!! So please if you have a moment to spare, stop by and have a look around. There are SO MANY talented creators/artists that are participating in the event, you can donate, there’s so many ways you can make a difference to this cause.

My items are sold individually in fatpack formats which include 12 colors.
You will also find many previous releases offered at 50% discount in my store at the event.
You can find us at this location: https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hope%208/157/121/23

More about the Home & Garden expo here: https://slhomegardenexpo.com/

Happy shopping

Cala xo

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